ITS’12 Workshop (cambridge, ma - november 11, 2012)

Beyond Flat Displays: Towards Shaped
and Deformable Interactive Surfaces


Time: 9am - 5pm

9:00am Tutorial: Overview of Shaped and Deformable Interactive Surfaces and Madness Presentations

10:30am Coffee Break

10:45am Conceptual Foundations

  • Towards a Design Space for Non-Flat Interactive Displays [PDF]
    Sonja Rümelin, Gilbert Beyer, Fabian Hennecke, Aurélien Tabard, Andreas Butz (University of Munich)
  • Rethinking Spherical Media Surfaces by Re-reading Ancient Greek Vases [PDF]
    Oğuzhan Özcan, Ayça Ünlüer, Mehmet Aydın Baytaş, Barış Serim (Koç University Istanbul)
  • You move, you move me: Exploring Lifelikeness in Deformable Interfaces [PDF]
    Esben Warming Pedersen, Kasper Hornbæk (University of Copenhagen)
Panel Discussion

11:30am Small Group Discussions 1

12:30pm Lunch Break

1:30pm Sensing and Displays

  • Ficon: a Touch-capable Tangible 3D Display using Optical Fiber [PDF]
    Yuta Takada, Ryusuke Nakabayashi, Kentaro Fukuchi (Meji University)
  • ClaytricSurface: Interactive Deformable Surface Display with Dynamically Controllable Softness [PDF]
    Jefferson Pardomuan, Toshiki Sato, Yasushi Matoba, Hideki Koike (University of Electro-Communications Tokyo)
  • Transparent and Flexible Touch/Force Sensor for Morphing Surface [PDF]
    Suntak Park, Youngsung Kim, Ki-Uk Kyung (ETRI)
Panel Discussion

2:10pm Novel Interactions and Applications

  • Challenges of Multitouch Interactions on Deformable Surfaces [PDF]
    Felipe Bacim (Virginia Tech), Mike Sinclair, Hrvoje Benko (Microsoft Research)
  • Toward Mobile Video Interaction with Rollable Displays [PDF]
    Roman Lissermann, Benjamin Petry, Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi, Jochen Huber (TU Darmstadt)
  • Designing a Shape-Changing Table-Top Interface to Enhance Bodily Experience in a Therapeutic Context [PDF]
    Narae Lee (KAIST)
  • Fluid Surface: Interactive Water Surface Display for Viewing Information in a Bathroom [PDF]
    Yoichi Takahashi, Yasushi Matoba, Hideki Koike (University of Electro-Communications Tokyo)
Panel Discussion

Coffee Break

3:15pm Small Group Discussions 2

4:15pm Interactive Surfaces: Quo vadis?

5:00pm ITS Reception

Important Dates
Position paper submission
OCT 10
Accepted paper notification
OCT 15
Registration deadline for non-presenters