ITS’12 Workshop (cambridge, ma - november 11, 2012)

Beyond Flat Displays: Towards Shaped
and Deformable Interactive Surfaces

About the Workshop

The physical objects we encounter every day come in a tremendous variety of materials and shapes, which allows us to interact with them expressively and effectively. In contrast, interactive tabletops and surfaces are predominantly flat, rigid and rectangular. This workshop explores alternatives to this form factor by examining the state of the art in arbitrarily shaped, malleable and actuated displays, as well as the applications and interaction techniques they enable.

The workshop will consist of two parts: The first part provides an overview of prior research and enabling technologies. This part is intended for a broad audience; we explicitly invite researchers and practitioners who are new to this emerging field and seek to explore how shaped and deformable displays can support their applications. The second part of the workshop will consist of presentations of position papers submitted by workshop participants and an in-depth discussion of applications and future directions.

Slides from the Workshop

You can download the slides from the workshop here.

Important Dates
Position paper submission
OCT 10
Accepted paper notification
OCT 15
Registration deadline for non-presenters